customer loyalty across UK retail sectors

Customer loyalty across UK retail sectors

We become increasingly disloyal the more experiential the shopping experience becomes. For example, the proportion of people who are core shoppers (i.e. they have a specific retailer with whom they do the majority of their shopping in a given sector) is significantly higher when it comes to buying groceries than when it comes to eating out….

men in retail

The trouble with men in retail

Retail is a business that is predominantly about women (the dominant customers), run predominantly by men (hardly any retailers have women in their senior teams). Men in retail have always had trouble understanding the difference between shopping, and buying. In my view this is really about emotional intelligence, a character trait far better developed in…

IKEA downsizing

IKEA: downsizing for the customer

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. An adage that applies less in business today than ever before. The consumer economy is characterised by loads of choice and too many players fighting for a very finite chunk of spending. Some retailers and brands are vastly stronger than others, and enjoy a much higher level of…

define what personalisation means

Define what personalisation means and boost engagement

Retail is going full circle. This is the most volume-driven of all businesses, built on selling large amounts which allows vendors to be price competitive. This in turn lends itself to scale and the cookie-cutter approach. The more you can replicate a model in as many places as possible, the more economies of scale will…

proving the value of data

Proving the value of customer data

Proving the value of customer data and that it’s worth investing in can be tricky. Quick wins and a SMART data approach help. Proving the value of customer data: What stands in the way? It can be hard for retail leaders to see the value of customer data and that investing in it is important. In our…


Consumer Trends: The beard

The beard is well and truly back. If you’ve walked around trendier parts of London over the past year, you won’t have failed to notice that there seems to have been an self-imposed ban on razors for many men-about-town. Every November since 2004 we’ve been treated to a display of facial hair growing prowess, instigated by the…

CRM and customer insight database

Developing a Single Customer View, CRM and customer insight capability

To have a winning CRM and customer insight capability is to have the ability to unify, analyse and translate customer data into commercial decisions that grow businesses. CRM and customer insight is a capability, which requires a wide variety of skills: data architecture to design a Single Customer View, strategic data management, developing analytical approaches,…

Hema: room for another discounter?

Hema – room for one more discount retailer?

Discount retailing is far from new to the UK market but it has certainly gained significant ground in recent years. This is partly due to changed consumer economics in the wake of the Lehman Bros collapse. But it is also a reflection of structural change right across our retail industry. Structural change has produced a…

consumer trends world cup

Consumer Trends: The World Cup

There’s been a lot of controversy about the World Cup of late; biting Uruguayans, corruption within FIFA, refereeing decisions (as always) or lack of domestic support for the tournament. Looking into search trends reveals some insights into domestic and worldwide interest in the nations who’ve hosted or will be future hosts of the tournament. Domestic…

scottish retail international

Retailing in Scotland becomes international?

Will Scotland vote “yes”? Should they and if they do, what might be the economic consequences? These questions are not going to be discussed here! However, what is of greater interest to us at George Bailey is what the shopping landscape might look like if Scotland does go independent. A Squeeze on the sporran Most…